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The Keys To A Great Rental Experience
Finding the right house for your home

At Goal Properties, we are committed to ensuring each and every resident, prospective or current, feels heard. We understand finding a new house can be overwhelming, especially if you’re committed to making it a home. 

Here at Goal Properties, our leading executives want to offer some advice on how to find the right house for your home.  

For starters, we asked our Chief Operating Officer, Karen Balentine, a few questions regarding her thoughts on the keys to a great rental experience. She highly suggests that potential renters first consider what is important to them when searching for a new home. 

No matter the size of the house, proximity to schools, or cost of rent, Karen believes, “Goal Properties can provide options after we understand your criteria and what is most important to you.” In this way, the Goal Properties team is here to support your future; whether it be a 5 or 10-year plan or simply next week’s schedule, you can rely on Goal Properties to shelter you all the way through.

We then asked Jake Colson, Vice President of Corporate Services, how renters can ensure that the house they find will continue to be treated as a home. His advice for renters is to familiarize themselves with the Goal Properties Tenant Portal. Colson shared, “The Tenant Portal is the fastest line of communication with your property manager where you can express any issues that you may have, as well as receive communication from your property manager and the Goal Properties team.” He believes that the Tenant Portal is the best tool for renters to use before, during, and after their rental process!

Last but certainly not least, we referred to Goal Properties’ Managing Partner, Todd Gorelick, for his number one piece of advice for prospective renters. Of course, be mindful of the terms outlined in your lease agreement, but also remember, “any house can become distinctively yours with a little care and attention,” Todd goes on to say, “while your lease doesn’t permit painting or altering the structure, those things don’t make a house your home.”

If you’re looking for a new house, look to Goal Properties to find more: a home.

You can register at the Goal Properties online portal. It’s easy, convenient, and the quickest way to get in touch with us. Todd Gorelick suggests, “if you are unsure about what you can afford or what might be available in an unfamiliar neighborhood, give us a call; we’re here to help.” Please, don’t forget that you can also register online to tour any home that’s ready for a new resident; no appointment required! 

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