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How To Make Your Rental Property Feel Like Your Forever Home
Who says your rental can’t feel like your forever home?


After checking in with your landlord and reviewing your lease agreement, consider these tips and tricks that will make your rental property feel like a permanent home:


  • Treat Your Windows:

Curtains are a fabulous way to spruce up any room in your home! Whether you’re into bright, solid colors or vividly bold patterns, curtains will soften the room’s atmosphere by blocking out too much light or letting in just enough. Consider hanging your curtain rod slightly higher than your window so that the curtains give the appearance of higher ceilings – a great way to trick your eye!

  • Switch Out or Add a Light Fixture:

Remember, lighting dictates mood – softer lighting makes the room feel much cozier, whereas harsher lighting may help you concentrate on work. So, when you’re picking out lighting options, consider table lamps or floor lamps to spruce up your aesthetic. You can even consider adding shades to your chandeliers to adjust the room’s lighting. Lastly, be sure to choose the right light bulb – they come in a variety of colors and effects! Keep in mind that lower color temperature options, like 2700k, will exude a warm, golden light, whereas higher color temperatures are better suited to resemble daylight or a bright white. 

Pro Tip: Design a mini reading nook – all you need is a comfy chair with a stand-alone light that will have you feeling like your the main character. 

  • Fake a Grand Entrance:

What better way to make your guests feel welcome than by faking a fashionable entrance? Check out your local Goodwill stores and even Craigslist listings for affordably priced furniture – finding a petite buffet (a small stand-alone counter or sideboard) to house decorative items is a great way to upgrade your entryway. A large mirror to go right above it will definitely seal the deal!

  • Decorate Your Walls:

Decorating your walls is a great way to express your creative side and make your home feel like an extension of you – and what better way to feel at home than to make it uniquely you!

  • Temporary Wallpaper:

If your landlord or lease agreement prohibits you from putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, then consider temporary wallpaper; it’s created in a way that won’t damage the existing paint underneath. Depending on the design of your home, it may be visually interesting to simply put up temporary wallpaper on one wall of the room, which will make the space feel larger and more open!

  • Tell a Visual Story:

Hanging art on the walls is one of the best ways to make your space feel lived-in. Whether you’re an art connoisseur or enjoy being surrounded by personal memories, hanging photos and art on the wall is a great way to tell your story. 


Worst Case, They Say No…


Don’t be afraid to ask your landlord or property manager about DIY projects and general renovations. Remember, renovations pose a win-win situation: upgrading your space will increase the property’s value and will have you feeling like you’re living in your permanent home.


Happy Renovating!


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